Executive Relationship Coaching for Women

Do you remember the dress that sparkles, shines, and makes you look like a hot goddess? 

The stunning dress hanging on your closet room door that you did't wear last year to the fancy parties because you were saving it. Maybe you were seeing someone and thought you would be his "plus one" so you saved it just in case for his party. Maybe you were flying solo. Or, maybe you ditched the entire event. 

As the year has passed that dress still catches your eyes because it resembles more than just a stunning dress. It reminds you that you're still flying solo. No "plus one" for the party. Single. 

That dress was designed for a hot goddess and you felt like her the moment you tried it on. Confident, radiant, and magnetic. That dress still hangs on the closet door but it's lost it's sparkle and it took some of yours too.

It's not just the dress...

Flying solo has taken some of the glitz and glamour of your inner hot goddess along the way. No sparkle. No shine. Not the celebration of the life, love, or the relationship you had hoped for. YET. 

But, this year there is something different in you...

The inner goddess within you is bursting to get out and to celebrate life and love in big ways. A celebration of the newfound sparkle and shine in your life.

A celebration of your willingness to give yourself the gift of coaching to free yourself of what kept you single in the past and unleash the inner goddess within you right now. That's what I do. As a coach, I help women become confident, radiant, and magnetic so they rock life and LOVE like a HOT goddess!

Your inner goddess knows how to attract what she desires in life and in love. Your inner goddess knows what she desires in love and has no doubt that she can attract the RIGHT man. Your inner goddess is ready to shine!  

The hot goddess in YOU in ready for LOVE! 

I know you are tired of flying solo and ditching parties. This year, you won't. This year you're going to be celebrating life and love in new ways in that dress. The one that a hot goddess wears knowing she is a confident, radiant, and magnetic woman who attracts what she desires in life and in love!

Are you ready to celebrate breaking free of the old and ringing in the new? This year. Not next year. No excuses.

A HOT goddess has celebrations that require dresses that sparkle and shine and yours is ready. No more flying solo. You are ready. 

This year YOU will be celebrating life and love in ways like never before. You will be celebrating like a HOT goddess who knows exactly what she desires and knows she can attract what she desires in life and in love.

Your inner goddess is ready. YOU are ready for LOVE. 

A hot goddess knows what she wants and does not delay. You may still be wondering, "Why now"? Because that dress is still hanging on your closet door and YOU are ready now to rock it like a hot goddess in 2018. Maybe you weren't ready before. Now you are! No excuses. No more delays. A hot goddess knows what she desires and how to live a life that she loves.  

This year, YOU will be celebrating like a hot goddess and everyone will notice you as more confident, radiant, and magnetic. Let that be YOU!

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The Details 

Features, Benefits, and the reason NOW is the time to celebrate life and LOVE like a Hot Goddess rocking her confidence & radiance

Hello and Welcome! I am Laura Lee Wood, Executive Relationship Coach. With a degree in psychology, a decade of practicing law, over 17 years of studying relationship dynamics, and after working with hundreds of women as relationship coach, I understand the psychology of courtship and what both men and women desire from the first date to commitment and beyond.

What is an executive relationship coach? To empower women to gain the confidence in seeking the type of relationship they desire, I provide my expert guidance to women to uncover identify old beliefs that have blocked them from attracting the RIGHT kind of man. And, the best part of being a dating & relationship coach is that I help women unleash their inner goddess to become confident, radiant, and magnetic so they are rocking life like a HOT goddess!

So, what's a coaching celebration? It's an opportunity for you to break free of what has kept you single and unlock that hot inner goddess within you. The goddess that attracts what she desires in life and in love. The hot goddess in YOU that sparkles and shines with confidence and radiance. The goddess whose glitz and glamour are impossible to ignore. The goddess who attracts the RIGHT man who desires her in every way. I want to help YOU get your groove back so you have every reason to be celebrating with champagne and cupcakes. Who doesn't love a celebration with champagne and cupcakes? 

How does it work? You and I will schedule two 90-minute coaching session together to dive deep to clear out what has stopped you from really unleashing that inner goddess. We will focus on clearing out old beliefs about relationships, letting go of what has stopped you from living life like a hot goddess, and creating a plan to attract the RIGHT man. Whatever stopped you in the past from attracting what you desire in life and in love needs to cleared out to make room for your inner goddess to shine. We connect by virtual conference which means we can have our session together with just audio, like a phone call, or we can see one another for the session on video. It's a conversation between just between me and you. As a relationship coach, my goal is to help women get their groove back so they are ready to celebrate their life and ready to find LOVE! 

And, for ongoing support you will receive an invitation to participate in email coaching so you can send in questions as emotions bubble up after the session. This package contains daily coaching sessions in the week (7 days) following each 90-minute session to help you process and maximize the progress made during our session. I recommend that the sessions be scheduled no farther apart than two weeks. 

Here's what Kate had to say about her experience with celebration coaching: "I was skeptical about participating in relationship coaching. I didn't know if she would 'get' me and worried I would be judged for my past dating mistakes. Let me ease your concerns- working with Laura was like having a conversation with a great friend. She helped me identify barriers which have kept me from getting back out on the romantic playing field. Laura has great tips and insight to help you live your best life! I enjoyed our session so much I bought one for my best friend. After all, what is better than the gift of (finding) love?!" Kate, October 2017

Can I purchase this for a girl friend, sister, or another woman I adore? Yes, you can and I even have a gift certificate for them when they complete their intake packet. The checkout details are the same and you will simply provide me the name and contact details of the lucky lady who will be receiving this coaching package from you. 

How much does it cost? Champagne, Cupcakes, & A Coaching Celebration is a one-time, online payment of the discounted price of $397.  

What is the process? Click on the button below to schedule your consultation with Laura to reserve your spot in the program. 

You can reach me at LauraLee@NashvilleLoveLifestyle.com or submit any questions below. 

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Please feel free to send any questions about the program below or any requests for a more customized coaching program so we can determine which coaching package is the best fit for you. I will personally respond to provide you will the information you need to begin celebrating life like a hot goddess who knows what she desires. 

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