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Laura Lee Wood is a Certified Dating Expert, Relationship Coach, and the Founder of "Nashville Wingwoman".

After a ten-year career practicing family and criminal law, I created a Nashville-based company to help singles globally find LOVE by dating in a radically different way, specifically by helping clients develop a mindset for dating success as well as creating a dating strategy for implementing traditional courtship principles in the modern era of digital dating.

The transformational coaching my clients receive is designed to assist them in attracting LOVE and the right relationship using a unique process of blending in traditional courtship with modern romance. I have created a coaching program for clients who are ready for a fulfilling relationship based on four core areas of concentration, which include  (1) Mindset Mastery, (2) Traditional Courtship Principles, (3) Communication & Connection, and (4) a Solid Dating Strategy designed with action steps to create an irresistible dating profile & create a strategic expansion of the client's social network. 

The rules of modern dating are ever-evolving and having a coach who has studied relationship dynamics for over 17 years, who understands the psychology of courtship, and who also understands the current dating scene is crucial to your success in navigating the dating world with confidence.  In the featured articles of my Blog, I share the story of my own broken heart and my awakening to a belief of brokenness among many other articles that are written from my own journey in a transparent, vulnerable, and very real way. I invite you to give yourself the gift of a few extra minutes today to allow yourself to feel the words I share and know that you are not alone in your journey to attract love and create a fulfilling relationship. 

When I create an elite partnerships with my clients, I guide them in preparing internally for successful dating, in learning the key skills for creating a solid foundation for a relationship based on respect, and in implementing action steps specifically to help clients attract the kind of ideal partner they desire to meet & date. My virtual coaching programs are designed specifically to help successful, ambitious, relationship-ready single men and single women find the love they deeply desire in a partner they respect as an "equal"  by using a unique approach to dating. 

Interested to learn more? Just click on the button below to schedule your "Dating & Romance Style Assessment" and explore if you're ready to embrace blending traditional courtship into modern romance to finally move you closer to your relationship goals.  And, if you would like to check out the featured articles on the blog, you can access the most recent ones just below the purple button.