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What is the role of an executive relationship coach? 


When Laura creates an elite partnership with clients, she assists clients in preparing internally for successful dating, in learning the key skills for creating a solid foundation for a relationship based on respect, and in implementing action steps specifically to help clients attract the kind of ideal partner they desire to meet & date. 

What's unique about Laura's approach?  

Every elite coaching partnership is unique and, thus, requires a customized, or bespoke, approach to finding LOVE.  By establishing an elite partnership with Laura, you will receive 1:1 virtual coaching sessions for a duration of 4 up to 8 months with the investment for transformational coaching beginning at $2,500.   Private retreats and VIP days are available upon request, subject to availability.  In addition to receiving 1:1 virtual coaching, clients have unlimited access to Laura by email so they are always fully supported and receive guidance whenever they need it outside of scheduled coaching hours.   

Laura' approach to dating in a radically different way will transform how you experience attracting love into your life! Her unique strategy includes these "core four" areas of concentration: (1) Mindset Mastery, (2) Traditional Courtship Principles, (3) Communication & Connection, and (4) a Solid Dating Strategy designed with action steps to create an irresistible dating profile & create a strategic expansion of the client's social network. 

The underlying theme of each of the "core four" areas of concentration is RESPECT for the ideal partner  you are preparing to attract into your life.  Laura not only helps her clients transform their mindset around dating, love, and all things relationships but she teaches her clients how to implement a respected set of dating principles to stand out in the casual dating culture of 2018. 

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 Are you willing to approach dating in a dramatically different way to create a drastically different result?

Are you ready to attract the LOVE of your life? If so, I invite you to schedule a consultation to see if creating an elite coaching partnership with Laura is a good fit for making your desires to attract LOVE your reality and finally experience the lasting, fulfilling relationship you deeply desire.  


I invite you to schedule a consultation to learn more about how Laura's unique approach to dating naturally sets you apart from other singles so you attract the LOVE you deeply desire and create the foundation for a lasting relationship built on respect and traditional courtship principles.