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the coach 

By establishing an elite partnership with Laura Lee Wood Consulting, you will receive 1:1 virtual expert coaching guidance with a focus on co-creating a dating strategy and transforming your dating experience by adopting a new mindset believing you have the ability to attract an ideal partner you respect as your "equal" who understands the demands of your successful career. During my coaching programs, you will receive ongoing support to debrief your dates during our sessions together, learn ways to improve your communication skills, and break old dating patterns that continue to attract the wrong type of partner, in addition to implementing new beliefs by strengthening your mindset to open yourself up to love  as well as by creating habits designed to help move you closer to your relationship goals. 

Laura Lee Wood is an Executive Relationship Coach, Executive Matchmaker, and the Founder of "Nashville Wingwoman". After a ten-year career practicing law, Laura created a Nashville-based company to help singles globally find LOVE by dating in a radically different way, specifically by helping clients create a dating strategy for implementing traditional courtship principles in the modern era of digital dating. Laura's virtual coaching programs are designed specifically to help successful, ambitious, relationship-minded single men and single women find the love they deeply desire in a partner they respect as an "equal" as well as give them the communication skills to create a lasting, fulfilling romantic relationship.

The rules of modern dating are ever-evolving and having a coach who has studied relationship dynamics for over 17 years, who understands the psychology of courtship, and who also understands the current dating scene is crucial to your success in navigating the dating world with confidence. As a dating and relationship expert, Laura co-creates strategies with her clients that include revamping online dating profiles as well as a plan for broadening each client's social network to create more opportunities to meet potential partners who share similar interests and relationship goals.  

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the mindset: mastering the dating mindset 

Learn how to master the dating mindset for relationship success by preparing yourself for LOVE.

As a coach for ambitious, successful, relationship-ready single men and women, there are some very practical steps, strategies, and formulas I can offer to my clients to help them attract better matches online, communicate in a more clear and concise way, broaden their social network, and implement traditional courtship principles as a way of showing respect and creating a strong foundation for an lasting relationship. This is the easy part and the one every turns to first. It's human nature. I know the importance and necessity of creating an impressive online profile and presence and let's face it, it's necessary if you want to be seen for who you are by standing out among the chaos of online dating. In fact, I help my clients with these very practical action steps as part of most of my coaching programs but to really attract an ideal partner, the deep inner work is about having a dating mindset for success knowing and believing you have the ability to find the love and create the relationship you deeply desire. 

Let me share an example... opening yourself up to sign up for a online dating site is not the equivalent of opening yourself up to love again. Why? Let me explain. Because opening yourself up to love again is a declaration that you are ready for a relationship which will require you to trust again, be willing to forgive, embrace transparency and vulnerability, and live your authentic truth about your feelings, desires, and dreams.  Sure, we could put a bandage on the wound and write a stellar online profile BUT that would not be the same as forgiving an ex, being open to attract a lasting love into your life, trusting someone new, believing you are totally worthy of the amazing partner you have attracted, or allowing yourself to be authentic and vulnerable. 

When I work with clients, I hold the space for them to reach their relationship goals by guiding them to open themselves up to the inner mindset work together so we create the foundation necessary within the client for relationship success. This seems simple enough yet our inner beliefs can show up in relationships in ways that we would have never anticipated. Many singles share feelings of fear based on past experiences, including fears of being abandoned, being heartbroken, and being betrayed. In addition, singles often share negative beliefs that they have adopted about themselves, including whether attractive enough, whether successful enough, how other's perceive them, whether they feel worthy of love, whether they can handle a relationship, whether they have enough money, etc. and the list could go on and on for days. 

A successful dating mindset is the most powerful tool you have! And, you have the ability to transform your mindset for to achieve radically different results. The process of preparing yourself for successful dating involves gaining clarity on the type of ideal partner you would like to attract, clearing out the blocks and baggage that keep you stuck and stop habitually attracting the wrong kind of man or woman, and embracing a new positive outlook on finding love simply by shifting your mindset, practicing forgiveness, and loving more while fearing less. This is all part of mastering the dating mindset for success.

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The theory: if you want to find her, she can be found

The truth about women... is good news for men. YOU just need a strategy. 

And, the same is true for men. If you want to find him, he can be found. 

Here's the truth about women... If you want to find her, she can be found. Trust me.  I know what successful, intelligent, sophisticated, and well-educated women desire, where they spend their time, how they respond to men who intrigue them, and what makes them fulfilled in their personal lives. I also know why they pass over shy, introverted men who do not exude the same level of confidence as they may possess. I know these women are missing out in big ways so I focus on helping men transform how they date to get the results they desire. These women want an "equal" just as much as you do and unless you step up your skills to show her that she is worth it in every way, you very well may never find the woman you are looking for. I know exactly what you are looking for and where to help you find her online and in real life. If you wonder how I know so much about her it is because I AM HER and I know exactly what captivates her attention, keeps her intrigued, and creates true fulfillment. 

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the key skills: communication, true connection, & real courtship

Communication and courtship create "true" connections in the real world.

With a degree in Psychology, a decade of practicing law, and specialized training on body language interpretations, I have developed an expertise in understanding communication and have studied relationship dynamics in depth for the over 17 years. It is critical that you have the ability to use skillful and strategic communication to create the connection you deeply desire with an ideal partner you respect as your "equal". The ability to read body language and understand non-verbal flirting cues are also essential elements of having successful social interactions with attractive singles.

Because communication and connection are the keys to creating the foundation of a lasting relationship, my clients receive specific coaching on how to communicate online, via text, in person, and by phone to create a true connection regardless of whether the connection was made virtually or in real life. How often to communicate, what to say to convey interest, reinvigorating conversation, what not to say, how to ask essential questions, planning a date, and so many other communication questions arise in the beginning of a relationship.  Here's the truth... How you handle the communication in the early days beginning from the first conversation, the follow-up from the first date, or how well you maintained contact will have an impact on whether you secure a second date and whether your ideal partner remains interested in you. Skillful communication has the ability to easily strengthen and deepen the connection created as well as facilitate the beginning of a relationship. Understanding the power of communication to create "true connection" is the key to moving you closer to your relationship goals.

In keeping with creating a strong foundation for a relationship, I teach my clients how to use traditional, time-tested, courtship skills in the modern digital era of dating to help them stand out and get noticed! Understanding the psychology of courtship is essential to dating in a radically different way. By actually insisting on "real" dates and valuing date planning skills, you will naturally stand out in the casualness of today's dating culture. This theory isn't new. In fact, men and women have been implementing highly respected methods of courtship that have been used successfully for generations to create strong and lasting life-long partnerships. It's simply a matter of taking a traditional theory and applying it in the modern day, which is incredibly effective when implemented!

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the action   

My coaching methods are customized and designed to help you reach your relationship goals. With a greater understanding of the psychology of courtship and increased confidence in knowing how to attract the type of ideal partner you desire, we will focus on results-driven activities so you have more opportunities to attract the type of partner you respect as an "equal",  someone who understands and respects the demands of a successful career.   

As an executive relationship coach, I provide expert guidance for you to facilitate a strategic revamp of your online dating profile as well as create a more impressive online presence. You will discover the insider secrets I have learned from working with hundreds of women and dozens of men so you create an interesting and diverse visual selection of photos for online dating profiles as well as make suggested edits so you can create compelling language in the profile bio sections to attract the type of ideal partner, an "equal", that you desire to share experiences with, could envision falling in love with, and foresee the potential to create a true partnership with.